Wednesday, October 14, 2009

News from a distant cousin in Nashville

I recently received the following information from a distant cousin concerning my great-great-grandmother, Eliza (Lively) Clarendie Harber (born 11/1/1827 and passed away in 1880). "Lively Clarendie Harber was the daughter of George A and Silvey Ann Harber of Marshall County TN. She had two brothers who settled near Eaton very early. One of her sisters married a Cleek and another a Hay. The Eaton to Crockett Mills area has a number of Harber, Stephenson, Cleek, and Hay cousins. Lively had a "Dutch" (most likely German) bible and would sit and read aloud from it unless she thought someone was listening. There were a number of stories about her two brothers speaking German to each other when they came to town to Crockett Mills. The best I can tell the family was Pennsylvania Dutch. A group of the Pennsylvania Dutch migrated to Charleston SC then to Marshall Co Tn. George Harber's father was Jacob. I have not been able to go much further back. I know that the 'H" in Harber was silent (at least for a time) and there were a lot of variations in spelling."


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