Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Research You Tube Videos

You can find many, many more wonderful videos by this young lady (Elyse90505) and others by doing a search for Researching Genealogy at You Tube.

Isn't the modern age of technology amazing?

Here are some of the tips given by Elyse on the first few videos:

Start with what you know (this should be gathered on a Pedigree sheet.)

Write everything down you already know (be sure and include maiden names for the females).

Don't forget to ask older relatives and friends to help fill in the missing information.

Next do a Family Group Record for each couple (including parents and children).

Decide what is missing (and be sure to highlight this on your Family Group Sheet and Pedigree).

Be sure and include these three things on your research sheets (birth, marriage, and death -- in a city, state, county, and country format). More later . . . happy researching!



What a great idea. Not only to persue your own roots and record them here but also to help others. I was interested some years ago but got stuck in a dead end and then I didn't bother anymore. You are reviving my interest. So I'll be back for ideas when I finish my latest stint at contract work.

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